Author: William Watts


I am not the man, I wanted to be or the man that I once was, I am a faceless soul roaming aimlessly without purpose, without cause. 


My words are not listened to as they fall to deafened ears, no living human can hear my cries or comfort me through my fears.


Many believe that I am evil because they just refuse to understand, that I have unfinished business upon this mortal land. 


Some wish to seek me out, using all sorts of strange devices; in hopes I will share with them what the after life’s price is. 


If they only knew how silly it was to try and lead us to the light, when that brightness is only present while we try to fight to stay alive. 


We are often seen by children or by the very tender hearted, because they are still trusting souls and in tune with the dear departed. 


I am not here to frighten you or here to cause you harm, so there really is no reason to expunge my spirit and no need to be alarmed. 


One day you will be in my shoes and a ghost you will become, because there will always be at least one task that you have left undone.  

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Comments (2)

  1. giirluncovered

    Yeah its a repost and the person who wrote this is amazing

    April 29, 2016